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What is the book about?

“We need to do Community Involvement better – we know we’re spending millions each year on charitable causes; how can we find out what is really effective and what people will appreciate us for? Who should we partner with? How can we make a real difference in society and help our business?”

Companies around the world are trying to answer these questions. Many are asking the same questions even as, collectively, they continue to spend billions on their communities. How do they know which activities are really worthwhile?

Corporate Community Involvement - The Definitive Guide demonstrates what to do and how to do it. The advice is backed up by inspiring interviews with best-in-class practitioners and leading international Corporate Responsibility and Community Involvement experts. They've been at it since about the year 2000. Learn from their experience now!

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Post book launch April 2010

July 2012: Chapter in UN Global Compact Yearbook based on our book

Veronica Scheubel contributed a chapter titled 'From Corporate Handouts to Corporate Partnerships' to the UN Global Compact Yearbook 2012 which was published end of July 2012. The chapter is based on our book and argues against mere philanthropy and for truly involved, cooperatively impacting partnerships.

12 Dec 2011: Two updates to Supplements section - on Ch.8, Employee Volunteering

Veronica Scheubel contributed a paper to a European Union conference on the future of strategic Employee Volunteering.

Realized Worth put a very creative, interactive presentation online: The why and how of Corporate Volunteering 

6 July 2011: Veronica Scheubel interviewed live on Dubai Eye business radio

Listen to the podcast on why and how companies should effectively contribute their core competencies to solving pressing social and environmental issues in the community

7 June 2011: Our book now as ePub and Kindle

For those of you who prefer electronic versions, you can now get either:

the eBook (ePub) from our publisher Greenleaf, saving you GBP5, or

the Kindle edition via Amazon, saving you US$11 in comparison to the hardcover version

26 Apr 2011: Our book is no. 7 in Cambridge's Top 40 Sustainability Books of 2010

We're happy and proud to have made the list, and to have achieved such a prominent position.

Have a look at the complete list and get the book at 40% discount.

16 Jan 2011: Our book to be launched in South Korea in April 2011

Our book has been translated into Korean and will be published for the CSR-interested community of corporations, NGOs and government representatives there in a prestitigous, media-covered launch event in April.